Protecting yourself when Buying off the Plan

14th January, 2024

What is “off the plan?” Properties can be advertised for sale even before the physical building has been built. Buying this kind of property would be considered buying “off the plan”.

There are risks when it comes to buying off the plan, so our priority is to protect and educate our clients. Because of these risks, there are many things to consider before making this type of purchase.

In some instances, the builder may declare bankruptcy prior to finishing the project. If this happens, you may run the risk of losing your deposit.

Delays in construction could prevent the building from being completed on schedule. Buying off the plan means you may run the risk of the rising costs of building materials and further issues if you are renting and having to pay more rent for the extra time.

Bangalow Conveyancing can assist in a multitude of ways, including conducting Contract Reviews where all the right questions are answered:


If the building is not finished by the completion date, what does that mean for my finances? Will there be some form of compensation or reduction in price?

What are my rights if construction is delayed or if there are changes made to the property?


Our Contract Reviews draw on our thorough understanding across both NSW and QLD legislation and the numerous Contracts that are used by most Builders. To find out more visit Building Contract Review on our website. We know our stuff!

Bangalow Conveyancing are here to help you navigate through these considerations and the new protections that are in place that apply to Contracts exchanged from 1 December 2019.

For further information, visit NSW Fair Trading Buying off the Plan.

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