Resilient Homes Program

9th May, 2023

The Resilient Homes Program (RHP) will offer eligible homeowners one of the three available measures, based on expert property assessments, flood impact severity data, safety risks and potential future flood levels:

  • Home buybacks – the homeowner receives a payment for the purchase of their house and land, or
  • Home raising – funding is committed to elevate liveable areas above a property-specific flood level, or
  • Home retrofit – funding is committed to retrofit and/or repair liveable areas to improve the resilience of these areas for future floods.

To be eligible, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You are a homeowner (owner-occupier or landlord) of a residence (house/unit/duplex) in the Ballina, Byron, Clarence Valley, Kyogle, Lismore, Richmond Valley or Tweed LGAs (Local Government Areas) prior to the February and March 2022 floods.
  • You are the homeowner of a residence that was either:
    • Directly damaged by flood waters in the February and March 2022 floods, OR
    • Damaged as a result of landslip caused by the February and March 2022 floods.
  • Your home is a residence (house/unit/duplex) not used primarily for business purposes.
  • You meet the impact eligibility criteria relevant to each program stream.

You can still apply for the RHP even if you have already carried out repairs to your flood affected property, or you are in the process of carrying out repairs to your flood affected property. Although, you still must be an eligible person.

The RHP expected timeframe (funding and delivery) is to be rolled out in phases over 5 years.

The RHP will also contribute towards the homeowner’s costs of getting legal advice as to any offer made, so that the homeowner can make an informed decision as to whether the offer is beneficial to them.

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