What is a 10.7 Planning Certificate?

10th May, 2024

Selling or buying property in New South Wales involves a series of legal procedures and documentation, at the core of these processes is the Planning Certificate -formerly known as the Zoning Certificate. This document, issued by local councils under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, is vital for providing a comprehensive overview of a property’s potential uses, restrictions, and other pertinent details.


It is mandatory that a Planning Certificate is attached to the Contract of Sale when selling a property in New South Wales. This document is crucial to review before purchasing real estate or starting a construction project to facilitate a transparent and informed decision.


There are two types of Planning Certificates in NSW:


· Section 10.7 (2): entails the zoning of the land, planning controls, and issues that could affect the property such as land contamination, road widening plans, environmental hazards, any notices under the Trees Act 2006, whether it is prone to bushfires or flooding, or if its heritage listed.

· Section 10.7 (2) and 10.7 (5) Certificate: in addition to the information in a Section 10.7 (2) Certificate, this Certificate provides further information on dwelling permissibility, building and safety codes, and any burials on private land.


Your conveyancer can use this document to identify any potential problems that could impact your plans for future property. Recently, there have been some changes made to the 10.7 (2) Certificate that are aimed to provide greater clarity by addressing gaps of information and removing unnecessary details.


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